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My First Catechism of Faith and Practice

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My First Catechism of Faith and Practice
Based upon the Third Plenary Council Catechism
and the Decree of First Communion for Little Children
questions and answers arranged by Rev. Thomas J. O'Brien

27 lessons include:

  • God is our heavenly Father
  • God made us to be happy with Him in heaven
  • God is perfect in all things
  • There are three Divine Persons in one God
  • The holy angels protect us
  • Our first parents disobeyed God
  • The Blessed Mary was free from original sin
  • Our actual sins are mortal or venial
  • Jesus Christ is our holy Redeemer
  • Our Lord lived thirty-three years on earth
  • Jesus suffered and died for us all
  • Our Lord's Resurrection and Ascension
  • Christ sent the Holy Ghost upon the apostles
  • We receive divine grace through the merits of Jesus Christ
  • We must pray to God for His holy grace
  • The Sacraments give grace to our souls
  • Baptism made us children of God
  • Our sins are forgiven in the Sacrament of Penance
  • We must carefully examine our conscience
  • God gave us ten commandments
  • The Church has six chief commandments
  • We must have contrition for our sins
  • We must confess our sins
  • Jesus is present in the most Holy Eucharist
  • Jesus becomes present in Holy Mass
  • We should receive Holy Communion often
  • We should prepare well to receive Holy Communion
  • Confirmation

also includes:

  • prayers
  • hymns
  • Instructions for Confession
  • An Examination of Conscience

Imprimatur, 42 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" softcover booklet


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