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The New Missal Latin Book One Set with CD

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$73.60  $64.50
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This set includes:

-The New Missal Latin Book 1 - PLEASE NOTE: This New Missal Latin Book 1 textbook has 32 pages in the center that are upside down - therefore it is provided at a reduced price!
-The New Missal Latin Book 1 Teacher's Manual & Answer Key
-The New Missal Latin Book 1 Tests Student Edition
-The New Missal Latin Book 1 Tests Teacher Edition
-The New Missal Latin Audio CDs

by Edmund J. Baumeister, S.M., Ph.D.

Latin really can be learned and the best way is the Catholic way; start with the living language of the Church, as it is used in the liturgy. Enrich your understanding of the Mass and Divine Office. First prepared in the 1940's as a two-year high school program. Book One aims to give a thorough graps of the Ordinary of the Mass, as well as of the favorite prayers and hymns of the Church. Contains dozens of illustrations, readings from the Gospels, mariology, and lives of the saints!
Book Two (which can be purchased separately) completes the study of syntax generally met in the first two years of the study of Latin, takes up the more complicated Propers of the Sunday Masses, and thus completes the course in Missal Latin as it was planned for a two-year course.

"If the influence of the Christian spirit should be felt in English, in science, and the social studies, certainly it should appear in a very special manner in the study of Latin. With the wealth of Catholic liturgy literally forcing itself upon us, it seems almost criminal negligence to pass it by for the pagan offerings of the old Latin authors." - Fr. Edmund Baumeister, S.M. Ph.D.

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