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USED: The Church's Year

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This is a used copy. See images at the bottom of this description for the exact condition of this product.

The perfect book for family reading. Part I: texts and commentaries for the Epistles, Gospels, and most other Mass prayers (e.g., Introit, Collect, Gradual, etc.) for every Sunday and Holy Day of the liturgical year.

Part II: The Saints - Epistles and Gospels. Focuses on teaching doctrine and morals through the liturgy in Question & Answer format covering:

- Almsgiving
- Manner of Following Mass at Home
- Bible and Tradition
- Blessings
- Process of Canonization
- Excommunication
- Detraction
- Education of Children
- Consolation in Sickness
- Love of Enemies
- Indulgences
- Holy Orders
- Why Christ Spoke in Parables
- The Rosary
- Processions
- Relics
- Holy Water
- Temptation
- The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
- Ceremonies
- Regarding the Spirit of the Liturgical Seasons
- Miracles
- Sacraments
- Origins of Church Feasts
- Drunkenness
- Good Intention
- More Hows? Whys? and What-fors?

The Church's Year follows the calendar in effect at the time it was first published (1880), and the explanations are written in a very edifying manner that we don't see today. Totally re-typeset.

"It will bring blessings on any house in which it is kept and used." -Wm. Henry Elder, Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1884).

Softcover 791 pages

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