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All My Days for God - Reflections and Affections from the Spiritual Writings of Saint Alphonsus. Vol. 1 - Advent - Sexagesima

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Volume 1 only!

Selected and Edited by Reb. J.B. Coyle, C.Ss.R.

Father Coyle hopes to give us, for every day of the year [in four separate volumes] this is volume 1 only, some of the most beautiful and helpful things for salvation that St. Alphonsus ever wrote. These volumes will give us the Refiections and Resolutions and devout Prayers that helped St. Alphonsus himself and made him a saint. Surely they will help to sanctify ourselves, too, so that all the days of our life may be for God and for our own eternal welfare.
This volume is a timely publication, especially in an age when men the world over have let their hearts on material things and have thrust God into the background. Men to-day have plenty of time for pleasure, plenty of time for study and research, plenty of time to seek for riches, but they have no time for God. Fools that they are, they are only wasting their time when they fail to make God the end and object of their life work.
In this volume St. Alphonsus is going to confide to you his secret of success and happiness. He is going to teach you how easy it is to give all your days to God.

Imprimatur 1946. 230 pages softcover.

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