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Audio CD: Ladies' Retreat 2012 (Set of 10 CDs)

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A complete set of ten conferences given by Bishop Joseph Santay,C.S.P.V, Father James Carroll, C.S.P.V, and Mother Mary Bosco, F.M., during the 2012 Ladies' Retreat in Round Top, New York. The titles are the following:

  1. Retreat - Listening to God - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.
  2. Look Up to Eternity - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.
  3. Sin - The Obstacle to Our Purpose - Father James Carroll, C.S.P.V
  4. Four Last Things - Outcome of Our Deeds - Bishop Joseph Santay, C.S.P.V
  5. Know Thyself - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.
  6. Life of Christ - Our Example and Model - Bishop Joseph Santay, C.S.P.V
  7. Choosing Christ and His Kingdom - Three Classes of Men - Bishop Joseph Santay, C.S.P.V
  8. Friendship of Christ - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.
  9. The Passion - Motivation to Love God - Father James Carroll, C.S.P.V
  10. Retreat for Him - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

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