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Tips on Temptation

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by Fr. Benjamin R. Fulkerson, S.J.

   A short story about a young boy and his three friends, all members of the third-year class of a Jesuit boarding high school, that go on a trip to the Rocky Mountains. They meet up with their high school teacher and prefect, Mr. Robinson, who is there spending a couple weeks at camp with a number of fellow Jesuits. Mr. Robinson leads them to the lodge and all of the boys gladly roll into their bunks, all but Jim.
    Jim Eagan stays up to talk with Mr. Robinson about some things that have been bothering him. They roast marshmallow over the fire and talk about unclean thoughts and Mr. Robinson explains to him that simply having unclean thoughts does not mean you are committing a sin, there are three conditions to mortal sin. Mr. Robinson also explains lots of other things and his tips on temptation.

Imprimatur 1933. 20 page booklet.

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