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My First Communion by Most Reverend Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D.

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What the Very Young Need to Know for their First Holy Communion

by The Most Reverend Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D.

    This book was prepared for children just beginning school:  five or six of age. It contains all that a child of that age needs to know before receiving his first Holy Communion. It tried to avoid all technical definition and abstract terms. It attempts to teach the child the loveliness and the truth of the Catholic Faith by telling only a few of the simplest facts, and presenting them in story and pictorial form. It is not so important that he memorize theological terms; it is very important that he learn to love God.
    Most lessons are divided into three parts: (1) a narrative, (2) informal questions based on the narrative, and (3) a few numbered questions with answers, of which those marked with an asterisk should be learned by heart.
    It is hoped that this little book will attract the interest of children and help them go to their catechism lesson with the eagerness of one about to listen to the most wonderful story in the world.

Imprimatur 1941, 112 page book.

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