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Things Catholics Are Asked About

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by Rev. Martin J. Scott, S.J., Litt.D.

Of the new spirit of inquiry that is sweeping the nation today, Catholicity is receiving a full measure. On the street, at the club, Catholics are met with challenging interest. With his customary vigor Father Scott meets this new opportunity to make the Church understood. In addition, busy pastors will find this volume a serviceable book to hand to those who seek instruction in our holy religion. Catholics generally will find it a storehouse of information for themselves, and also for the enlightenment of others. There are 37 topics discussed, to include: The Divinity of Christ, Does it Matter What we Believe?, Purgatory, Marriage, Marriage and Annulment, The Church and Divorce, Birth Control, Evolution and many others. Catholics who are able to give a convincing reason for their faith are light unto those who are groping after the truth.

268 page book. Impr 1927.

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